Mission Statement:

The Mormon Mental Health Association (MMHA) is a secular professional association for mental health providers, educators, and researchers who offer ethical, research-based, and culturally competent services and information to persons along the continuum of involvement in and commitment to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, any churches connected to the restoration movement of Joseph Smith, and to those who identify with the broader Mormon cultural experience.

The mission of the Mormon Mental Health Association (MMHA) is to:
1. Help connect ethical, culturally sensitive clinicians to each other and to persons who are seeking out such providers
2. Educate ecclesiastical leaders and church members on evidence-based, best practices in the field of mental health and well-being
3. Advocate for therapeutic practices, church policies, research endeavors, and social justice initiatives that support positive mental health for Mormons




1. Provide professionals with the tools, resources and cultural competence they need to succeed in the work they engage in within the Mormon community.

2. Host an annual training conference.

3. Offer a referral list of culturally competent and ethical professionals for the public to use as a resource referral network.

4. Offer educational and clinical resources to the Mormon public and Ecclesiastical Leaders.

5. Support research efforts and professional collaboration among MMHA membership.