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Clinical members are licensed mental health professionals in good standing with their state licensing boards who want to be included in this site's referral list. They agree with the MMHA mission statement, values, and goals and are willing to be vetted by a board member for willingness to follow ethical best practices.

The price for membership is $70.00 now and then $75.00 per Year.

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I am licensed to practice in my state/ jurisdiction, I practice within the scope of my license, and my license is in good standing.

Conversion Therapy Ethical Practice

I agree not to practice conversion therapy, use the sex addiction model or advertise as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) on the MMHA website.

MMHA Mission and Position Statement Agreement

I agree to uphold the MMHA mission and position statements.

Working With Mormon Populations

I have an interest in working with Mormon populations and I agree to practice with cultural humility.


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List only your top specialties. 150 character limit. Please self-verify character limit in a separate word document.

Use this space to add detail and depth about your services. 2000 character limit. Please follow these guidelines: 1. Take full advantage of this space. You are unlikely to connect with potential clients if this space is blank, too short, or too general. 2. Write in first-person. 3. You can include a description of the types of clients you work with, your therapeutic approach, and relevant professional background information such as degrees or work experience, however, try to avoid sounding too formal or as if you have copied and pasted your resume. 4. Focus on connection, hope, and your personal niche. 5. Avoid cliche statements (ie. “Feeling stuck? Email me for an appointment). Connect and offer hope by using your own words that specify how you will help. 6. Avoid technical jargon that may be unfamiliar to clientele. Instead, use approachable and clear language with an empathetic and non-judgmental tone. 7. Avoid excessive personal information. Instead, maintain focus on the potential client who wants to be seen. 8. Avoid using content that is exactly identical on other webpages. Google can identify, and may hide, duplicate content. Please self-verify character limit in a separate word document.

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