Ali Springer

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Area of speciality
LGBTQ+ individuals and family members, faith transition/crisis/expansion, couple counseling, women’s issues, divorce, infidelity, mixed-faith marriages.
Professional Statement

I never wanted to develop my resiliency muscle, but when life challenges caused me to question my worth and sanity, I begrudgingly dragged myself into a therapist’s office. I soon realized the value in processing my experiences with an unbiased professional who helped me discover inner strengths and progress toward my goals. Transforming my own life with the help of a therapist encouraged me to attend grad school as a single mom and become a therapist myself.

I am passionate about creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for my clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. My approach to therapy is client-centered, meaning that I prioritize my clients’ needs, goals, and values throughout the therapeutic process. I believe that every individual has the capacity for growth and change. Once a person feels seen and valued, they can truly begin to heal.

When I’m not meeting with clients, I seek out adventures. From exploring our beautiful mountains, to screaming with fans at concerts, to crying through emotional Broadway musicals, I try to find excitement in every day. I despise black/white thinking and prefer to live in the gray, where perfectionism doesn’t exist and everyone’s experiences are valid. My adult “kids” and teenagers keep me humble, laughing, and swearing under my breath.

I see clients in both the Mapleton and Sandy offices, as well as online over Telehealth.

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11075 S. State St. Suite 35 Sandy, UT 84070

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