Andrea Lystrup

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Area of speciality
Faith transitions, mixed faith marriage, marital conflict, infidelity, PTSD, anxiety, career development.
Professional Statement

Is your life starting to feel like a hike that is a lot harder than the one you signed up for? Perhaps you imagined a 5 mile trek with beautiful vistas, a stream to fill up your water bottle, and a few technical sections where you could demonstrate your athletic prowess, and still make it home in time for a nice dinner. Instead you somehow ended up on a trail that keeps teasing you. 15 miles in you keep rounding a corner thinking, surely this is where the trail ends. “I’m almost there,” you tell yourself, thinking at this point it’s easier to keep going than it is to turn around and head back. Eventually you hit a point where you just aren’t sure how much longer you can take it, and wonder how long it will be before search and rescue comes looking for you.

I am the head of your search and rescue team. When you are feeling lost and desperate for something to change, I will show you the map of others who have gone before you. You may feel isolated and alone now, but once you get comfortable braving the wilderness, you gain the confidence of being someone who can survive anywhere. In the words of Brene Brown, when you realize you belong nowhere, you belong everywhere. I am here to help you navigate those relationships you fear that you can’t possibly be authentic in. I am here to help you become so comfortable in your own body, that you are no longer destabilized by the emotional roller coasters of those around you. As you heal your nervous system, you become your own foundation and launching pad into a life you only hoped was possible.

There is no shame in calling the emotional search and rescue team. One day this will be part of a great adventure story where you found yourself, became comfortable with your fears, and then passed on that wisdom to those around you. Keep going. With a map and a guide, this journey is about to get a lot easier.

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Arizona, Maryland

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