Ashlee Hunt

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Area of speciality
eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety, people-pleasing, perfectionism
Professional Statement

I work with high-achieving women who feel consumed with worry, stress, and anxiety. These women tend to sacrifice themselves for other people, which often comes at their own expense. They may have a history of trying to change their bodies to fit a certain mold and in turn, have a bad relationship with food. I love helping women who struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, anxiety, and disordered eating find real relief.
In therapy, I want you to have a place where you can let down your walls and finally let go of the worry about taking care of someone else. I want therapy to be about you and your needs. I want you to feel like you have a place where you can feel seen and heard. I want you to prioritize yourself.

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212 S. Main Street. Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

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