Chanelle Johnson

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couples and relationship issues, faith transitions, faith crises, mixed-faith marriages, anxiety
Professional Statement

Do you feel like your relationship is floundering – you hardly recognize the person sleeping next to you and you aren’t sure that they even like you anymore? Perhaps you try to talk about your issues, but it always turns into a fight, and you end up crying and wishing you didn’t bring it up in the first place? That feels hard though, because if you don’t bring it up, nothing changes and you are left continuously feeling alone and unwanted.

I get it. It’s tough to be in that place, especially with the person that is supposed to be your safe place. I do want you to know, though, that through learning what makes you get stuck with each other and then also learning the tools that can get you unstuck, you can get back to feeling the way you felt when you first met – but better because you will have weathered some storms and will know what it takes to work as a team to sail the boat of your relationship to safety when the waters get rough. Over the past 7 years working in the mental health arena as well as the past 4 years as a licensed professional, I have witnessed couples fall in love with each other again, learn how to communicate well (even on difficult topics that used to turn conversations into World War 3 when they were brought up), and crave spending time with one another again.

If you are seeking to heal the hurts in your relationship and are dedicated to rebuilding connection and using effective communication, I can help. Please do not hesitate to reach out by email at or by phone call or text at 480-712-9799.

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