Chelsea Cheney

Temporary Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (TLMFT)
Area of speciality
Mixed-faith couples, faith transitions, active LDS, post Mormon, women issues, LGBTQ+ Allied, gender affirming care
Professional Statement

As a nuanced believing member of the Church in a happy mixed-faith marriage, I have both professional and personal experience knowing that life is messy, belief is complex, and we all need love and healing within a healthy support system. Differences as individuals, groups, and identities offer an opportunity to explore perspectives and open hearts for increased acceptance of self and others. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples work through painful past and present issues in a safe and accepting environment regardless of belief, identity, or perspective.

With work experience in an LGBTQ+ clinic, I am queer allied and offer exploration of the intersection of one’s faith and sexual/gender identity in creating a unique and individual journey according to personal values and identity.

When the world tries to force between choosing faith or family, belief or identity, self or others, I reject these dichotomies and offer clients the possibility of choosing their own path.

By using Internal Family Systems, I help clients hear from often opposing internal thoughts and beliefs that attempt to protect them from harm. The client learns to use their unique personal resources to integrate differing needs, as the expert in their own lives.

I am a PhD student at the University of Iowa in Couple and Family Therapy focusing on the intersection of religious disaffiliation and couples relationships. Current services are only offered through telehealth.

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52302

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