Emily Sanchez

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Divorce, Blended Families, Family Systems Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Faith Transition
Professional Statement

Hi there. My name is Emily Sanchez and I am here because after my divorce, I needed someone who understood what I was going through, and could not find them. So, I spent many years becoming that person. I first became a divorce coach and spent 8 years helping members of the church who were working through that emotional toll. I produced a podcast with over 100 episodes that addressed this topic and how one can build a new identity after loss. I decided I wanted to broaden my scope so I went back to school and have now opened my own private family counseling practice. The primary question I ask that is beneath all my interactions and is my number one intention is “How can I make it better?” I feel I have a gift for working with people to bring out their strengths and together to work on issues piece by piece. I also believe I have a talent for working with children and parents with behavioral issues. Having five children of my own has definitely aided this as I have studied behavioral science academically and practically with my own children. So, if you are struggling through a divorce and need some emotional support, reach out. If you feel you have exhausted your own resources in your relationship or your spouse is not responding to you, let me know. If you have a teen or child with behavioral issues that you are at an impasse with, call me. Or, if you or a loved one are going through a faith crisis or faith transition and you are wondering how to make it work and who to even talk to, reach out to me. I believe reaching out is the hardest part. I am here to work with you to find your voice, your strengths, and your true self who can face and address these issues in your life and grow from them. There is a lot of hope and it can start here.

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