Greg Dunford

Area of speciality
Individual, Marriage, and Group Counseling
Professional Statement

• Marriage, Couple, Family, and Relational Concerns
• Discovering Healthy Sexuality (sex-positive approach)
• Faith Journey Concerns & Religious Trauma
• Shame Recovery
• LGBTQ+ Journeys
• Depression & Anxiety
• Trauma
• Anger Management/Emotional Regulation
• Mindfulness Meditation

Counseling since 1997 with a compassionate, client-led approach, while offering support, tools, and educational options to help clients navigate their unique, individual paths in self-discovery, healing, and growth, and becoming sovereign, integrated beings. Several certifications and long-term experience to offer a wide range of therapeutic options. Passionate about exploring continuing education, new modalities, and effective approaches. Years of experience running group and individual therapy in “pornography and sexual addiction recovery”* leading to my awareness of the damage being done in many sex addiction treatment models and the need for shame recovery therapy, as well as faith crisis, and religious trauma work, etc.

Skilled in helping clients:
• Eliminate shame
• Navigate & create boundaries in their faith journeys
• Emotionally regulate
• Incorporate healthy coping mechanisms
• Learn healthy relationship skills, etc.

Clients report feeling comfortable, seen, felt, validated, accepted, non-judged, supported, and empowered with practical tools.

*The DSM does not currently recognize pornography or sex addiction as a valid diagnosis. Compulsive or problematic sexual behavior may be symptomatic of underlying issues, and/or used as a coping mechanism to alleviate stress, loneliness, mental health issues, etc. I use an educational, sex-positive approach to help individuals gain clarity and sovereignty as they learn to reclaim and manage their sexuality according to their own chosen beliefs.

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