Mary Fisher

Area of speciality
IRT, Discernment Counseling, faith transitions, sexual health (erectile concerns, menopause, orgasm, medical intersections, etc.)
Professional Statement

My main areas of focus include:

1) Interpersonal Reconstrutive Therapy (IRT), which is an empirically-supported, integrative model (meaning it employs the clinical best practices tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of an individual) that begins with a precise case formulation so we can understand together what, exactly, keeps unwanted patterns in train. IRT is especially useful for people who feel trapped in anxiety, depression, and/or anger, and/or have unwieldy, hostile, or condemning internalizations of church and/or family. IRT is useful for people who wish to develop a more empowered, nuanced relationship with their religious belief, practice, and community. It is also useful for people who are leaving, or have left, but continue to feel stuck in enmeshment and/or reactivity about their former religion.

2) Sex therapy.

3) Discernment Counseling for “couples on the brink,” who can’t decide whether to try to work on their relationship, to part, or to maintain the status quo, for now.

4) Maturity in religious practice and belief, whether staying in or leaving one’s religion.

5) Trans & nonbinary health and wellness. As a member of WPATH, I work with individuals who would like to experience greater gender joy, and navigating and healing from cultural oppression and harm.

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1399 South 700 East, #11 Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

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Offers Clinical Supervision:


I provide sex therapy supervision, under my own supervision, to mature clinicians seeking AASECT certification, or who simply wish to enhance their sex therapy skills.

Offers Professional Consultation to Other Mental Health Professionals