Mel Tillack

Area of speciality
Life Transitions, Trauma, Caretaking, Self Esteem, Disordered Eating, Grief, Midlife
Professional Statement

I help women find confidence and clarity during life’s transitions.

Whether the transition is midlife, trauma, divorce, health issues, disordered eating, or caregiving, I will help you find fulfillment and healing during this new chapter of life.

In therapy we will…

o Work together to make sense of the marriage, family, and career choices you’ve made in the past.
o Identify unhelpful beliefs and the emotion and behavioral reactions that ultimately hurt you.
o Heal from past trauma…divorce, loss of life, toxic relationships, or other events that were out of your control. We will dim the critical voices in your head.
o Recognize your role as you parent older/adult kids and your elderly parents.
o Understand your unique values and gifts.
o Gain compassion for yourself and your body.
o Learn how to respond in a healthy way while letting go of events that haunt your mind.
o Instill confidence to make future career, life balance, romantic, caregiving, and parenting decisions.
o Build in safety by knowing your needs and communicating them in a kind, reciprocal way.

You can continue showing up for people you love AND take care of yourself.

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