Sara Galaso

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Specializing in grief, addiction, parenting, and faith struggles
Professional Statement

Sara helps provide a safe space for individuals to explore the factors hindering their progress in life. When individuals feel hopeless and defeated because certain patterns seem insurmountable, Sara offers support throughout the journey of understanding and self-acceptance. She advocates for fierce self-compassion while guiding them through the awareness of old wounds. Sara acknowledges the courage required to confront self-sabotaging behaviors like addiction, emotional dysregulation, racing thoughts, and hypervigilance, and she stands ready to assist.

With expertise in addressing addictions, personality disorders, family of origin issues, and codependency, Sara collaborates with individuals on a joint venture of self-discovery. She believes in the healing capacity of individuals, guiding them to rediscover their true selves and establish meaningful relationships. Witnessing the transformative process is a profound honor for Sara.

Her objective is to deliver personalized therapy, incorporating psychoeducation, mindfulness practices, and enhanced coping skills to reconnect individuals with their authentic selves. Sara firmly believes in the inherent power within each person to grow and lead a more purposeful life.

Sara is also deeply passionate about ending generational trauma and breaking unhealthy patterns in family relationships. With specialized training in navigating grief and loss resulting from significant life changes such as death, divorce, infertility, and faith deconstruction, Sara is committed to facilitating healing and positive transformation.

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1701 W. Northwest Hwy. Suite 100 Grapevine, Texas 76051

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