Stevan Lopes

Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC)
Area of speciality
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Life Transitions, Faith Crisis/Transition, LGBTQ+ Issues
Professional Statement

As a Queer, BIPOC individual who grew up in Utah and has an LDS background, I understand the unique challenges and nuances that come with our diverse culture. From dealing with religious expectations and exploring racial and sexual identity to navigating emotional expression and feeling isolated, I’ve experienced it all. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or stressed, know that you’re not alone—I’m here to help.

I work with both youth and adults (ages 12+), focusing on issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and intense emotional distress. I also support individuals struggling with emotional regulation, and those caring for people with unique behavioral needs and developmental differences. I’m especially passionate about helping LGBTQIA+ individuals and those navigating diverse or minoritized identities, including those facing faith crises or transitions.

In our therapy sessions, I strive to create a warm, empathetic, and light-hearted environment where you can feel safe exploring your identity and values. My goal is to help you process past traumas, understand their current impacts, and work towards a future with less distress. I use an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Affect Phobia Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy, tailoring my methods to fit your unique needs and personality.

What I bring to our sessions isn’t just professional knowledge—it’s a genuine desire to connect with you. I want to hear your story, understand your struggles, and work with you to find solutions. My own diverse background helps me offer a supportive space where you can explore your emotions and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment.

Everyone’s journey is unique, and I’m here to support you as you navigate yours. Whether you’re expressing your thoughts and feelings or recognizing their impacts on your daily life, I’m committed to being a companion on your path to self-discovery and healing. Let’s work together to uncover who you are and what you want from life. I’m honored to be part of your journey.

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